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86-year-old woman. so brazen is this man, that in january of 2011 he went bk to the first victim's apartment, broke in for a second time, and sexually assaulted that 68-year-old woman a second time. we spoke to her. >> i am determined to do everything i can to see to it this arrogant little twerp doesn't get away with it. >> reporter: now we learn of more crimes that police believe may be linked to the same man. august 28th, 2011, these apartments in the 900 block of cloper road, it's about 1:00 in the morning. police say a suspect breaks in through a bedroom window and then sexually assaults a 37-year-old woman, and runs away. about a year goes by without any reported incidents. and then about three weeks ago,
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september 2nd, the 180100 block of mets drive, about 4:00 in the morning, a woman wakes up and finds a man inside her house. he's got a knife. there's a confrontation. a fight. she gets cut. he runs away. marathon circle, last saturday night, a woman reports seeing a suspicious man looking into an apartment window. it went down as a peeping tom, but police believe it could have been a prelude to another attack. >> these are the same things, happening at night, it's happening in the same geographical area. it's also happening where there are single females home alone. >> disturbing. >> yes. >> reporter: warning from police, before you go to bed, make sure your doors and windows are locked, and if you see anything, anything suspicious,
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911. live in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. fire officials are investigating what caused a massive blaze that destroyed two mobile homes. crews responded to this fire this morning. it took about 60 firefighters about an hour to get the blaze under control. one person was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation. the red cross is helping the six residents who have been displaced. some of us are in for a rainy friday night. >> yeah, the clouds are kicking up there, doug kammerer. >> just about everybody seeing the clouds right now. some of us are seeing rain. those of you who are seeing rain now, may just see it for the rest of the night tonight. but to the north of washington, not a whole lot going on. 76 degrees the current temperature out there, with the cloudy skies. winds out of the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. a nice mild evening for some. rainy for others. you see where this rain is. north of washington, in through montgomery county, howard county, northern arundel, mostly
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dry, even back to frederick county, maryland. but down to the south, this is where we're seeing rain. like charles county, prince george's county, northern virginia, prince william and out towards fauquier and down around the fredericksburg area and back towards loray. there is more rain to come. we could be seeing quite a bit in terms of rainy conditions throughout the evening. i'll show you who gets what tonight and what to expect for your weekend. >> all righty. two high ranking officials in prince george's county public schools are off the job tonight, fired behind closed doors at a school board meeting yesterday. prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins has been tracking down information about why they were let go. >> reporter: sources close to this ongoing investigation say this happened during an emergency meeting in executive session. and that everyone involved was taken by surprise. but they knew what they had to do.
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synthia shilling seen here on this blog is the former chief of human resources for prince george's county schools. she resigned this past summer amidst charges she was facing for hitting and then running from the scene of an accident. the school board directed the staff to not offer any severance packages to shilling, or any employee without notifying the interim superintendent and the board first. according to a source close to the ongoing investigation, that agreement was violated last week, when the chief financial officer, matthew stanski, approved a direct deposit of more than $100,000 for shilling. >> we have always talked about the transparency of the school board. >> reporter: the prince george's county naacp has called for an audit of the school system's spending. they say issues like this one is why. >> it's just an example of what happens, who authorized her to be paid after she was being fired. >> reporter: davis who heads the committee in charge of the school's budget says he's also
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interested in following how the school system is spending taxpayer dollars. >> i think it's time that we take a deep dive and find out how exactly our moneys are being spent and make sure that we work together with the board of education, the county executive, and the administration to ensure that we're getting maximum bang for our buck. >> reporter: sources say the school's cfo and chief legal counsel were fired during the school board's executive session because they approved the severance despite the board's warnings. a spokesman released a statement saying in part, the board is taking this matter very seriously. any abuse in complying with the board's directives, policies and procedures will not be tolera d tolerated. a source close to this investigation says that when you add up that six-figure payout, that shilling received last week, she's looking at a total of more than $170,000 in total compensation, more than the superintendent. now, why that happened, they're
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going to have to investigate and figure it all out. but i'm told by sources that they want to try to get that money back. coming back at 6:00, these two firings leave holes in the system's top level of administration. what are they doing about it. we'll have that report. i'm tracee wilkins, reporting live. now to the deadly workplace shooting in minneapolis. the man who killed four of his co-workers at a sign company had just been fired from his job. that's according to police. late this afternoon the police chief identified the gunman as 36-year-old andrew ingledinger. investigators found packaging for 10,000 rounds of ammunition at his house. he killed himself inside the office after yesterday's shooting. the man accused of killing 12 people in a movie theater in denver, shedding new light on what was in a package that james holmes sent to his psychiatrist. that package discovered in the mail room at the university of colorado after the attack
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contained a notebook and burned money. prosecutors also say that holmes threatened a professor at the school. attorneys for holmes say he is mentally ill. in decision 2012, the race for the u.s. senate in maryland. independent candidate rob savani has gained a lot of attention as a result of all of his political ads over the past three weeks. >> it's even evident in a recent poll. but he said he's being left out when it comes to participating in upcoming debates and in forms. more on this story. >> wendy and jim, good evening. a lot of people around our area are asking who is rob savani after his blitz of the airwaves. well, he says his political ads are effective because he has a positive message. >> i'm sobahni. >> rob is a former georgetown university professor. he's an expert on the middle east and an entrepreneur who started his own company, caspian energy consulting with works
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with business interests in the middle east and the former soviet union. he's made enough money to pay for his own campaign as an independent campaign for the senate in maryland. he said his opponents are trying to elbow him out of the race. >> what our candidacy is offering, and i say our, because this is not just my campaign, this is our campaign, is concrete ideas with concrete solutions. >> the recent gonzalez poll shows cardin with 50% of the vote. the poll has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5%. i asked the republican candidate if he's trying to exclude sobahni from the debates. >> these debates are complicated. they're not as easy as declaring you on a debate. you need forums, there are scheduling differences. >> reporter: ben cardin of maryland was not available
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today. his campaign issued this statement to news4. it says, if there is a public interest in including all third-party and unaffiliated candidates in debates or candidate forums, senator cardin would consider such an invitation if it is consistent with the agreement with the bongino campaign. tonight at 6:00, how much money independent candidate rob sobhani has spent on tv advertising and how his opponents are responding. >> chris gordon, thanks, chris. well, they're back. for the first time in nearly two years, d.c. police are using breathalyzers once again to combat drunk driving. they measure whether a driver has a blood alcohol level above the legal limit. that program was suspended in 2010 after calibration problems led to inaccurate readings.
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dozens of drunk driving convictions were tossed out. but the city says new equipment is now in place. >> well, i think it's an important tool. in making sure that people who are driving really are in a condition to be able to drive. we realize that there were some things that had to be done to make sure that they were perfected. we believe that's happened now. >> d.c. officials have consulted with experts, they say, and do not expect any problems with these new devices. a driver backed up a little too far today in landover hills here. police tell us the driver was trying to reverse out of a laundromat parking lot. the suv rolled off the curb and down a small embankment hitting the side of a bowling alley. no one was hurt. still ahead, the investigation into who killed a school superintendent that leads police to northern virginia, where a fugitive may be hiding. a flea market find turns out to be a priceless piece of art. that has apparently been missing for decades. tsa agents confiscate peanut
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butter from a mother with two kids. she complains, and she gets a surprise in the mail. [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next. there's cash flow options from pnc. solutions to help businesses like yours
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that renoir painting that was found in our area is once again making news. but as the mystery of its whereabouts starts to unraf el, even more questions are arising about its future and its past. derrick ward is in the newsroom with the details on this never-ending story. derrick? >> indeed. this was the find of the century. a painting that cost a woman $7, stood to fetch at least $75,000 at auction. it may have been too good to be true. digging into the painting's past show it may have been stolen 61 years ago.
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pierre renoir's luncheon of the boating party, one of his more popular works. a future fiancee, journalist and other acquaintances are among the people here. it would eventually be loaned to the baltimore museum of art and getting a story of its own. it disappeared. unknown for decades until it showed up in a flea market and caught the eye of a woman looking over some boxes of trinkets. >> i only bought it for the frame. >> reporter: she thought twice about ripping the painting up to salvage the frame. she learned the painting's value, its authenticity vouched for, she put it up for auction. it was scheduled to be at the auction this weekend. then it was pulled after some important information was found. >> we are relieved that this information has come to light prior to the auction this weekend. >> reporter: what information is
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that you say? the painting had been stolen back in november of 1951, according to records uncovered by the baltimore police department. it was determined an insurer had paid for the loss. >> we contacted art loss register, which is a london-based registry of stolen and missing art. and then we also looked at the fbi's list. >> reporter: somehow this little piece of art had fallen through the cracks. >> it's been 60 years since the painting was last documented. so there's a lot of research that needs to be done. >> reporter: and investigation on another front. as you've heard, the fbi is now involved in the case and it's being handled out of the washington field office. yes, it's now a federal case. and the people at the potomac company say they had already gotten early bids on this painting and they were coming in from around the world. legal minds we spoke to say there's a principle in law that
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a thief cannot pass good title. but who stole it back in 1951? it may have been an inside job, according to a police report. >> interesting. >> new twist to it. doug, you're a busy man today. another wet night? >> another wet night for some of us. last night we saw a ton of lightning, severe weather. we even saw some flooding in parts of the region. if you have plans, a lot of us do on this friday evening, it does look like some of you will be on the wet side. across the district, you can see across the river here, plenty of sunshine -- or sorry, sorry, plenty of cloud cover across the region right now. temperatures 76 degrees with winds out of the northwest at about 12 miles per hour. so not a bad evening. at least we're on the nice and mild side. as i mentioned, some of us are going to see a pretty nice evening. martinsburg around 69 degrees. looking good there. down to the south, this is where you'll see the rain. la plateo, 69 degrees.
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culpepper right now coming in at 70 degrees. here's the rain. like i mentioned, washington, down to the south. if you're south of 66 in virginia, if you're south of 50 in maryland, you have a better chance of seeing some rain out of this. you could see where the heaviest rain is in southern maryland and the northern neck, and more showers developing back to the west. let's take a couple of stops for you. southern fairfax county, prince william county, shower activity. light to moderate rain. no real heavy rain here. but you're going to notice it when you're out on the roadways. prince george's county, around national harbor, and down to the south, st. mary's county, that's where the heaviest rain is right now. and even thunderstorm activity. we go back to the west in through the fredericksburg area, calvert beach, that's where we're seeing some of the heavier rain there. back to the west around loray, culpepper, there is more rain to come throughout the evening if you're south, as i mentioned, of 66. be on the lookout for that rain.
5:19 pm
because back behind it, take a look, even more rain here. we're going to see this whole area just kind of float through throughout the rest of the evening hours. so it is going to be a little rainy south of d.c. by tomorrow, the front sweeps out. i think we'll see sunshine. i think it will be a little bit cooler, a little bit better fall-like conditions. and then sunday, area of low pressure moves in and we're cloudy and fairly cool. this evening, plenty of clouds, showers and storms mostly to the south. 69 to 74 degrees. tomorrow morning, waking up on a pretty good note. i think we'll be okay tomorrow. 49 to 59. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see the temperatures bp up into the 60s and 70s. cooler, sun and clouds, and more fall-like. tomorrow a great day. speaking of fall, a great day to rappel off a building. yeah, why not. breathe deep and jump d.c. this is to benefit longevity for lung cancer research. we want you to come out there, 65 to 74 degrees at this time.
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9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. only $50. you get to rappel off a ten-story building. that is pretty cool. 73 tomorrow, and on sunday. chance of a shower or sprinkle on sunday. but a better chance of rain coming up on tuesday at 75. i wanted to do this for longevity. i was going to do it, but the station won't let me do it. >> insurance maybe. >> it's the insurance, and they said something about my feet. too big. >> thank you, doug. still to come tonight on news4 at 5:00, police are calling it an incredible lead. they began digging in hopes of finding whatever happened to jimmy hoffa. what's the deadline to register to vote? that's the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz" on news4 at 5:00. coming up in sports, friday night football. montgomery county powerhouse is taking last year's heartbreak and using it as motivation for this season. tonight at 6:00, a wild ride for a police cruiser that wound up with a crash into a home.
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it's friday. >> bik weekeg weekend. germantown, number 16 seneca valley is hosting the clint orchard. zachary, i hear a lot of other coaches from the other schools around the area are calling this the game of the week. tell us about it. >> reporter: you're exactly right. the story here is an easy one, carol. quints orchard had a great season last year but they came up short. in the state championship game they lost by one point in overtime, but now they're back. they have unfinished business. they know in order to tend to the unfinished business they have to roll through seneca valley here tonight. this is quints orchard football where the head coach has created a pipeline for the division one
5:25 pm
talent. >> you'll never forget this moment for the rest of your life! you make every second of it count! one, two, three! >> reporter: this is where championships are the expectation. they sometimes come up short. >> reporter: after last season's heartbreaking loss, quints orchard is reloaded, and back on the grind. >> here we go. huddle back. >> it was all for the kids. that was my second one. we won in dramatic fashion and lost in dramatic fashion. there were a lot of guys that
5:26 pm
walked off that stadium a loser that are back in this game. we don't have to talk about it. the motivation, they know what the motivation is. >> reporter: if it's true defense wins championships, the cougars should be back in the title hunt this season. linebacker marcus newby they've been lights out this season. >> i'm not too worried about nebraska right now. i'm worrying about finishing where we left off. >> reporter: coach mack believes those who endure conquer. this team could be poised for another state title run. but tonight it's all about seneca valley. >> it's always been a rivalry. i honestly would like to finish out my senior year never having lost to seneca. we've done a good job of that so far. but they're a good team. it's always an exciting game. >> reporter: i had an opportunity to spend some time with the guys, and that
5:27 pm
motivation that they talk about, they do talk about it and they call it the juice. it's what pushes them forward. i'm guessing, carol, they'll have juice out here for seneca valley tonight. >> it's so highly touted. zachary, thank you so much. game on. let's hope mother nature cooperates. we'll have highlights on news4 at 11:00. >> thank you, carol. still ahead, a manhunt for an alleged murderer, and it leads police to northern virginia. plus, the mom who filed a complaint after the tsa confiscated her kids' peanut butter. she told the tsa she wanted to be paid back. now they responded. apple's apology after iphone users say one app caused them to users say one app caused them to get hopelessly lost.e.
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the middle class, who move our country forward. work hard. raise families. and keep america strong. but mitt romney's budget plan will hurt the middle class. raising taxes on the average family by up to $2000 dollars. while giving a tax break of $250,000 dollars to multi-millionaires.
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doesn't mitt romney understand, we can't rebuild tearing down the middle class. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. top stories tonight, women in germantown and gaithersburg in montgomery county are warned to take extra precautions. police say a man has been
5:31 pm
breaking into women's apartments and sexually assaulting them. officials are linking the suspect to other attacks starting more than two years ago. two more high-ranking positions are open in prince george's county schools. the school board fired the district cfo and chief legal counsel for giving severance pay without board approval. tracee wilkins takes a look at the long list of vacancies in that district office. that's coming up at 6:00 tonight. rob sobhani claims his opponents are trying to exclude him from upcoming debates. but today the campaign of democratic senator ben cardin said he would consider it if there's public interest. and dan bongino said it's up to sobhani to debate it. doug? >> showers and thunderstorm activity out there just down to the south. you see most of it from washington down to the south. again, if you live south of 66
5:32 pm
in virginia, or south of 50 in maryland, you have the best chances of seeing some rain. even the d.c. metro area seeing some of that rain right now. take a look at the numbers here. temperatures to the south of the front, 75 in washington, 79 in rich mobbmond but 63 in pittsbu. a sign of things to come for the weekend. much cooler weather going back to fall. >> all righty. a national manhunt is under way for a virginia man who is suspected of killing a new york school superintendent. the suspect, a former marine, a sniper, who lives in woodbridge. news4's jackie bensen has more on where the suspect could be hiding. >> reporter: even as funeral services were being held in rural new york state for victim keith reed, police in prince william county, virginia, continued to search for his suspected killer. investigators believe 42-year-old father of four anthony robert taglianetti, known as rob, drove from his home in woodbridge, 400 miles to
5:33 pm
shi talk wa, county, new york, and allegedly murdered the school superintendent. reed was found dead monday in a wooded area near his home. police say they do not believe the murder was related to his job as school superintendent of a 400-plus school system. >> this individual was -- wanted to do harm to mr. reed. >> reporter: rode, who became superintendent just last november, was an acquaintance of taglianetti's wife. reed was divorced but neighbors in the rural town of clymer where he lived said he had spoken of a fiancee with young children who lived several hours away. >> we are actively looking for this individual. to pick him up for questioning. and we consider him to be armed and dangerous. >> it's tough on everybody. you don't expect things like this to happen. very difficult. >> it's great to know that they're finding out some information, and narrowing it down. >> reporter: on tuesday, police were called to prince william forest park just off i-95, not
5:34 pm
far from taglianetti's woodbridge home. taglianetti had received survival training and sniper training during his time in the marines. while the park does have campgrounds, it also has hundreds of undeveloped acres, and with his survival skills, the suspect could be hiding just about anywhere. in prince william forest park, jackie bensen, news4. police say the sighting of taglianetti in the park this week turned out to be unfounded. three sexual assault cases in fairfax county this month may be the work of one man. three women say they were grabbed from behind and fondled while walking in the springfield area. the most recent incident happened yesterday on irving street. another woman was assaulted september 18th walking on a path on metropolitan center drive. and on september 7th, a woman was fondled on monticello boulevard. in each case, the suspect wore a plain red baseball cap. >> the cases happened at different times of the day.
5:35 pm
but the other similarities were enough that we certainly feel it's important to i letter the public, and to have people pay attention in those areas. all three have happened in the springfield area. but there's nothing to say the person couldn't be somewhere else. >> police say none of the victims was injured. for the first time, d.c. school principals will be eligible for performance raises. the merit pay system for the teachers is already in place. under the new program, principals and assistant principals who earn effective or highly effective ratings in their annual evaluations will be available for the bonuses. the evaluation, the scores are tied in part to the students' performance on the standardized testing. administrators at most school will be eligible of salary increases up to $5,000. but administrators at the lowest performing schools would be eligible for raises up to $20,000.
5:36 pm
a big delivery for metro silver line. backed-up traffic this morning in tysons. this is part of a new pedestrian bridge that's going to be crossing leesburg pike and give riders access to the new greensboro station. crews made two deliveries this morning with more pieces of the bridge being delivered next week. the silver line is scheduled to begin operating late next year. a california mom who was trying to get her 6-month-old and 2-year-old through a cross-country flight has won a $4 battle with the tsa. in june, a screener at los angeles international airport held up stephanie lambert and her family for about 30 minutes because she tried to get peanut butter, jelly and applesauce onto the plane. lambert had to surrender the peanut butter, but got to keep everything else. she later filed a claim to get reimbursed, and sure enough, got a check for $3.99. while liquids and gels are not
5:37 pm
allowed in containers bigger than 3 ounces, the tsa said common-sense exceptions can be made. >> they should have made the agents sit next to the children on the cross-country flight. police are tearing up a suburban driveway in an effort to finally put to rest one of the biggest crime mysteries in our history. from a food truck to brick and mortar. a popular food concept puts down a popul[ male announcer ]ts down for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner... and the next.
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we've seen a number of local restaurants take their menus on the road in food trucks. >> they're our favorite, aren't they? we want them here. but tonight we introduce you to a food truck that became a restaurant. "washington post" food critic, tom, reviews the taco. >> reporter: the august arrival of the restaurant in washington means patrons can take a seat to eat what was previously available only from a food truck
5:41 pm
of the same name in rosalyn. it has a mere 15 seats but packs in a lot of color. the signature dish comes in nine flavors, three of them vegetarian. the best of the bunch finds diced pork, sweetened with pineapple, between two k tortillas. diced boiled beef tongue goes down like boiled beef. diced steak is salty. chopped chicken is routine. a small condiment bar lets customers crank up the heat of their meal with red chili sauces. gawk molly is made using the owner's mother's recipe. this is tom, food critic with the "washington post." >> i'll take it overwhelmed with
5:42 pm
cilantro. still to come, the digging begins. police are following what they say is a credible lead in the mystery of what happened to jimmy hoffa. remember him is this. apple's apologizing tonight for an app that many users say just doesn't work.
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5:45 pm
for nearly 40 years, the question just hung in the air. whatever happened to jimmy hoffa? the mess tri of the former teamster boss' disappearance may soon be solved. as mark barger reports, investigators spent the day digging for new evidence that could solve this cold case. >> reporter: one of the coldest of cold cases brought a commotion to patricia's house near detroit today. >> i was told a dead body might be buried in my backyard. >> reporter: not just any body, but that of jimmy hoffa, one-time boss of the teamsters, america's biggest union. he disappeared without a trace
5:46 pm
more than 37 years ago. a decade before patricia bought her home. >> he is the best-known dead body that they've been looking for for years. >> reporter: hoffa's connections to organized crime had spurred numerous theories about his disappearance in july of 1975. earlier this year, an informant told hoffa wars author he saw a body being buried at this suburban home around the time hoffa vanished. >> he's adamant about his beliefs hoffa is buried at this location. >> reporter: he pointed the informant to authorities. their initial check days ago with ground penetrating radar revealed something about two feet below the home's driveway. today with a crowd of onlookers, police were back to take two soil samples, digging down about six feet. >> there was no visible remains that you could see through the tube. the samples are kind of muddy and it's hard to distinguish any
5:47 pm
particular -- particulars of any kind. >> reporter: test results could be ready as soon as monday. at least until then, the hoffa mystery lingers. >> i've always felt that one of these days, the solution to this case is going to come out of left field. >> reporter: or maybe out of a suburban backyard. mark barger, nbc news. investigators will test those soil samples for evidence of human decomposition. now, here's doug with another check on our weekend weather. how are we looking, doug? >> looking okay out there for the rest of the evening tonight. for some of us. others, however, you're going to need the umbrellas. right now we're dealing with plenty of cloud cover across the region. those clouds will lead to rain, and maybe they'll lead to rain right in the district. 75 degrees out at the airport. winds out of the northwest about 9 miles per hour. temperatures will continue to cool tonight. cooler to the north where we have the cloud cover, but no rain. down to the south, still on the warm side. you can see where the most rain is toward southern maryland, through northern virginia, and
5:48 pm
back towards the culpepper area. this is some of the heaviest rain. take a look at this right here through fairfax county. you've seen the rain for the last one to two hours. this is moving a little north and east. this will come into southeast d.c. i think it may make its way right into downtown, along 395 here. and make its way into prince george's county. raining around andrews air force base and down to the south, charles county, st. mary's county, all seeing rain. st. mary's county may get in on this thunderstorm here. there is some lightning associated with this. so heads-up if you're in st. mary's county. culpepper, this rain is right on your doorstep. this is fairly heavy rain moving along 522 coming into culpepper. overnight lows tonight are going to be a little bit cooler than they have been as this frontal boundary is drifting down across the region. 49 in martinsburg. 57 in fredericksburg. again, best chance of shower, south of washington tonight.
5:49 pm
i think we see a nice day tomorrow. 73 in culpepper. 75 in fredericksburg. upper 60s back to the north and west. on sunday, chance of a shower, sprinkles more than showers, with a high of 71. 74 on your monday. 75 on tuesday with a better chance of rain and we warm up as we head in towards the rest of the week. so, not all that bad. just got to get through tonight. arnold schwarzenegger's biggest regret, nats fans pulled together for teddy, and apple tells its customers i'm sorry. here's what's trending today. apple's apologizing for its new mapping app which has gotten some users lost. iphone customers have complained that the app is missing information, and incomplete maps. some said it even led them along routes that don't exist. today's apple ceo said the company fell short of delivering the best experience possible for customers. they are working to fix the glitches now. the stupidest thing he ever
5:50 pm
did with hess relationship with maria shriver, an affair resulted in a secret child. in a new interview with "60 minutes," the actor and former california governor also revealed he had an affair with an additional woman. schwarzenegger is gearing up to release a new autobiography next week. and he's a crowd favorite at nationals games. growing speculation now that after more than 500 games, teddy may finally get a win in the presidents race. rumors are swirling that number 26 will get his day at the team's upcoming home finale against the phillies. nats are even calling the series teddy in 2012. team officials are not commenting on the outcome of the popular race. go, teddy, go. what's the deadline for registering to vote? which holidays offer the best
5:51 pm
shopping deals online? and what is the safest way to get rid of your old medications? it is friday. so let's, drum roll, "ask liz." how are you? >> i'm good, wendy. >> i love our first question. because it's an election year, people need to get out to vote. viewers want to know, how do i register to vote and when are the deadlines? >> love this one. the board of elections in maryland, virginia, and d.c., gave us this answer, all three let you register online, or in person or by mail. in virginia you'll need to provide your full social security number in order to register. the deadline to register is monday, october 15th. in maryland, you either need to provide a government-issued i.d. or the last four digits of your social security number. the deadline to register there, tuesday, ost 16th in d.c. to register, you'll need proof of residency which means either a current government photo i.d. or utility bill or government document that shows your name and address. you can register in d.c. actually on election day.
5:52 pm
provided that you bring that proof of residence. you can learn more about registering to vote on our website, just search vote. >> good to know. our next question is about getting a good deal. do online stores really offer good deals on the holidays, and which holidays offer the best deals for online shopping? >> shop smart magazine gave this answer that says holidays do bring markdowns, and one of the best days for deals is right around the corner. it turns out columbus day, which is monday, october 8th, is one of the best days for online discounts out of the year. the other good holidays for savings are labor day, presidents day and new year's day and independence day. october is a great month for family and friends sales. sign up for alerts now, so you don't miss out. columbus day, who would think. >> yeah. and we all have that box in our bathroom full of old
5:53 pm
antibiotics. the last question is from susan. she wants to know, what is the safest way to get rid of our old medication? >> there's a right way and wrong way on this one. the drug enforcement administration gave us this answer, it tells us that tomorrow, september 29th, is national prescription drug takeback day. that means you can bring your unused meds to different collection sites all over our region. to find out the collection site nearest you, simply go to if you're not able to drop off your meds tomorrow, they recommend this, crush the solid medications, or dissolve them in water, mix them then with kitty litter or ground coffee, place the mixture in a sealed -- sealed -- plastic bag and toss it in the trash. also, remove any personal information like your name, address, from the medication container. if you have a question you would like us to consider, send it to "ask liz." or find me on twitter or facebook.
5:54 pm
back on the medicine thing, do not, do not, do not flush them down the toilet. worst thing for our water supply. >> can we recycle the plastic container? >> yeah, just take your stuff off. jimbo? after the break tonight, doomsday predictions. the traffic project that could cause a backup 100 miles long. coming up tonight on news4 at 6:00, we're learning more about the cause of a fiery plane crash that killed more than a dozen tourists. also, d.c. police crack down on drunk driving using a tool they haven't used for more than two years. and a police cruiser slamming through the front door of a home.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
drivers in los angeles say they won't be fooled again. last year you'll recall the
5:58 pm
closing of a major freeway sparked predictions of gridlock of carmageddon which never materialized. so this year, the closure for construction is bringing apathy. and that has officials there worried. >> reporter: carmageddon part two is being treated like the boy who cried wolf. the partial three-day closure of the 405 freeway, the country's busiest highway, predicted gridlock and mayhem last year, when it happened for the first time. >> we'll be on top of this all over southern california. avoid the area, or stay home. >> reporter: but because everyone stayed home, nothing happened. >> the roads are empty. it's like a ghost town around here. there is no carmageddon. >> reporter: this year's weekend-long closure is the completion of a $1 billion effort to widen the 405 freeway. it will shut down the busiest portion from santa monica to the san fernando valley, so crews can demolish a bridge.
5:59 pm
if it's like last year, no problem. but if people don't treat it seriously this time, officials warn it could cause a traffic backup that lasts 100 miles in either direction. >> everybody heeds our advice, we should get up on monday morning and this whole weekend will have been in our rear view mirror. >> reporter: perhaps the most surprising outcome of carmageddon is many people look forward to it, seeing it as an excuse to stay put and explore their own communities. nbc news, los angeles. now at 6:00 tonight, the crucial role of early voting and deciding this election. right now, at 6:00, the big push to get voters to the polls early this election season the. new details about the gunman who opened fire in his workplace killing four people before turning the gun on himself. d.c. police are using something to combat drunk driving that they have not used in nearly two years. and good evening. i'm wendy rieger

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